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 Post subject: Children of a Dead Earth
PostPosted: Wed Mar 15, 2017 5:27 pm 
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Think of a cross between Kerbal Space Program and Harpoon.

Ultra-realistic largely turn based space combat game. If matching orbits with some punk and launching some killer drones, shunting them into a flyby trajectory to railgun your opponent as they bez past at 1000 m/s is your bag, then this game may just be for you.

It reminds me very much of the ship to ship combat in The Expanse. Launch 50 nukes and wait an hour or so IC time before they hit. Rather like Harpoon, missiles are essentially puzzles, set pieces which you have to 'solve'.

A lot of care has been spent on making everything scientifically accurate, there are a lot of files to read which often have a link to whichever RL science symposium or whatever they are derived from!

The good : awesome concept, well executed. Reasonable tools are provided to handle the complexities too, it's far easier to plot an orbital rendezvous in this than it is in KSP, so fear not, though KSP players will be instantly familiar with how this works, and also with the controls to an extent.

The bad : its 150kb to download which says it all. As much eye candy as Harpoon had, ie none whatsoever. The campaign isn't very long. There is a sandbox, which lets you make your own space battleships and send them in against each other. There is no multiplayer.

The indifferent : its turn based (sort of, it's a sort of freeze time thing really) and unlike KSP you don't directly control your ships. Maybe this appeals. Maybe it doesn't. At 19 British beans I think it a tad overpriced as well. Stick it on the wishlist, wait for the sale.

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 Post subject: Re: Children of a Dead Earth
PostPosted: Thu Mar 16, 2017 1:06 am 
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I grokked it for awhile, and it's still on my wishlist, but I was concerned about gameplay past the canned missions.

Gotta have me some open campaign or sandbox these days. Not sure if this has a lot of options for that side of things. Great that they used actual physics and foreseeable tech, though, so it's still in my "want" column.


 Post subject: Re: Children of a Dead Earth
PostPosted: Thu Mar 16, 2017 1:42 am 
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I played Orbiter and quickly learned how insanely complicated rocket science is. Ppl who can figure out how to rendezvous and dock in orbit are frankly terrifying w/ their capability.

Now Banana has figured out how to launch and hit things from/in orbit w/ nuclear weapons. oh dear. You can have the Malvinas.


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