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Author:  mdiehl [ Wed Aug 10, 2016 5:43 pm ]
Post subject:  Advanced Squad Leader

Who plays it? How often? I had a bevy of local opfor that finally settled on three reliable fellows, then about ten years ago, one moved to Ohio, and one to Texas. Haven't played in at least seven years. Anyhow, now comes a friend who wants to start again, and wants to begin anew by playing Red Barricades CGIII (ASL Historical Module 1).

So, I'm looking forward to it. Stalingrad! again!

Author:  Zad Fnark [ Wed Aug 10, 2016 7:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Advanced Squad Leader

I bought most of it back in the day, but never played it. I heavily played the original series.

Good to see MMP keeping it up.

Author:  mdiehl [ Fri Aug 12, 2016 6:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Advanced Squad Leader

October 17 commences on August 26th. Looks like Phil will play the Soviets, so I will play the jackboots.

Author:  mdiehl [ Tue Aug 16, 2016 8:08 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Advanced Squad Leader

Still figuring out my Day 1 purchases. Germans start with a Rifle Co and a Sturm Co, a module of 80mm Btn mortar OBA, and a PzIIIL platoon, plus 15 campaign purchase points.

Do I go with Pionere's and Stuka air support or, alternatively, another module of OBA, one active Rifle Co, and another Rifle Co in reserve? The attraction of Pioneres is that they can clear out the minefields, which are sure to be aplenty, in the Oct 17-18 transition, and will retain any DCs I set off. Also have decent smoke grenade numbers. The Stukas would make a mess of any tanks that happen to show up, but I doubt my opfor will purchase tanks on the first day. Early Russian strategy almost requires that the Russians buy lots of infantry in reserve so they can build a defense in depth.

The attraction of another module of 80mm is that I can smoke anything to create blind areas, and blast the crap out of retreating Russians.

Author:  mdiehl [ Fri Aug 19, 2016 11:33 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Advanced Squad Leader

OK. Forget the rifle co in reserve. I was worried about having too many infantry on the board in the event that some kind of OBA comes down, but I need more firepower. So, the extra rifle Co is out, and StugB assault guns are in. Anyhow, why play a great combined arms oob and not use combined arms? ;)

Author:  mdiehl [ Sat Aug 20, 2016 12:25 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Advanced Squad Leader

An opportunity came up and we started last night. Most of our time was used by P setting up his Russians but we got in 1.5 game turns. I'll have pix next Saturday. For prelim though I'll make a few comments for the ASL grogs who also know a little of the RBCG. We're doing RBCGIII.

The Russians start with:

- 2 Rifle Companies of 12 first line squads (4-4-7s) with support weapons (1mtr, 1lmg, 1mmg, 1hmg, 1ATR). For non-ASLrs the numbers are firepower-range-morale. Morale checks are made on 2d6 and numbers greater than morale fail (the squad breaks and runs, if it breaks while broken it loses a half squad). Apparently he did not get much in the way of Commissars. These are a kind of super leader that aren't so hot tactically but force broken squads to rally or die (he shoots people that don't rally).
- SMG Co 9x 5-3-7s.
- 2x 45mm high velocity (LL) antitank guns with crews (2-2-8s).
- 5x fortified building locations.
- 50 fortification purchase points (can be used to buy fake squads, mines, antitank mines, wire, entrenchments etc)
- 8 "campaign purchase points." To give you a sense of what a CPP will buy for Russians, a 1st-line rifle company costs them 5CPP.

Note that CPP purchases are secret. I figure he'd have two modules of battalion mortar. He may yet have one I have not seen. The map edges and approaches to the Barrikady factory complex are lousy with terrain that provides just enough cover to slow an attacker down without really providing adequate cover. Also, antitank guns set up hidden, so I have to be careful with my up to a point. Armor can be "recalled" at the end of each scenario day, so it's better to have it get killed doing something purposeful, rather than by exposing your flank to a hidden antitank gun. Based on last night, I know he purchased:

- One module of Battalion Mortar but I don't know if it is 70mm or 80mm (both cost 1cpp) which arrived cursed with "scarce ammo."
- "MOL" (molotov cocktail) capability for two CPP.
- Some kind of infantry company, either militia, rifle, or smg, in reserve.

The Germans start with:
1 Rifle Company of 12x4-6-7s. On the whole German rifle companies have better support weapons (1mtr, 1lmg, 1mmg, 1hmg, 1ATR)
1 Sturm Company of 12x5-4-8s (no HMG, an extra lmg, and two demolition packs)
1 module 80mm Bn Mtr OBA with offboard observer and two preregistered target hexes
1 PzIIIL tank platoon of 3 tanks
15 CPP
My Rifle and Sturm Cos arrived with fantastic leaders each with a 10-2, 8-1, and 7-0

For my 15 CPP I bought:
1 module 80mm Bn Mortar OBA (which, by die roll, was graced with plentiful ammo)
1 1st line rifle co
Stukas (up to 3, random arrival, great if he has tanks or people running around fleeing etc)
1 Pn of 3xStuGBs.
20 dummy squads
In addition to great infantry leaders, I was graced with a 10-2 and an 8-1 armor leader. The dice taketh away, and sometimes they giveth back.


The German objective on October 17 is to get into contact without getting too badly greased by OBA, wipe out forward deployed Russians, and take victory point hexes (stone buildings and stone building rubble). The Russian objective is to preserve force, burn down buildings that the Germans might find useful as observation posts, and try to attrit the Germans. Some of the Russian objectives seem to me to be mutually exclusive. It's hard to attrit Germans if you try to keep your Russians too far back.

Author:  mdiehl [ Sat Aug 20, 2016 1:29 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Advanced Squad Leader

Towards the German goals my 1st turn plan is to.
- Establish fire bases to suppress factory rooftops where artillery observers and hidden machine guns may be lurking.
- Use half squads (think "Spread out everyone") to recon the major N-S road (Tramvanaya Street) that I have to cross before entering good cover along a railroad embankment near the factory complex outbuildings.
- Follow these up with dummy stacks to draw fire and reveal enemy MGs and with any luck if he has offboard arty (which he does) draw it down. Dummy stacks are piles of question marks that can't be inspected unless they do something hasty in enemy line of sight. They can't shoot. They have no morale. If an enemy enters a hex with dummy stacks they vanish. They're the equivalent of "I think I saw some movement or heard some noise over there." If the enemy shoots at dummy stacks and gets ANY result, they vanish. P could have plenty of these for the Russians as well and, as it turns out, he does. I shoot out several Russian forward-deployed dummy stacks by the end of my half of Turn 2.
- Bring my OBA down on any Russians that lose concealment or hidden status.

The rest of this won't make much sense until I get a photo up next Saturday. But for those of you who can look up a digital ASL Red Barricades Map, the following gets you a sense of what I did on Turn 1.

StugB enters K1 and does not bog down in the debris. Stops moving. This has the 10-2 leader. All the hatches stay closed. His job is to sit there all day and start suppressing factory rooftops with 75mm area fire. MG kill stack of HMG and MMG enters wooden building G1 in the advance phase with a leader tagging along. Their job is to sit there all day and shoot at nearby factory outbuildings, area fire, to suppress Russians that may be lurking there. Squad with mortar enters O-nought. His jobs is to sit there all day and drop 50mm mortars onto factory rooftops. Another squad with mortar at A5. Same job.

All of this is out of concern that there might be one or even two modules of Russian offboard artillery and I have everywhere at least 200meters of relatively open grown that is strewn with debris and wooden building rubble that are better than no cover but not really very good cover. After they've shot up all the rooftops in sight, their sights will be lowered to building interiors (except for the 50mm, which are largely useless for stripping concealments from guys inside in buildings or rubble).

Fast moving half squads bypass the buildings on the west edge hexes A7-A9 and start searching from the Row B wooden buildings. Dummy stacks follow up. Big fat stacks whose job is to tempt Russians. There are piles of Russians in B11 wooden building. and B12 stone building. A Russian 9-2 leader (rarer than platinum those guys) and THREE Russian squads starts torching that building by kindling B-13 ground level three times. There's Russians also in C-11 stone building. These guys are all on the WRONG side of Tramvanaya Street (west of the street) which means that if I do my job right I can isolate them and gun them down. I'd happily sacrifice all my PzIIILs to get that Russian 9-2. And any time you wax a Russian squad it's to the Greater Good. The. Greater. Good. (Say it like a zombie).

Half squads and dummies also enter along the R1 to U1 hexes, assault moving the whole way, to secure the flank and to tempt Russians to reveal their positions. None do.

During the Russian Defensive Fire phase, nothing much happens save for bringing down an Artillery Request and Spotting Round at C9. So he's going to blast all those Germans encroaching from the west, but most of those are dummy stacks, so the dummy stacks are doing that-which-I-hoped-they'd-do. Better still, in the Russian part of Turn 1, he tries to convert the spotting round to he can fire for effect on my stacks of dummies and the occasional real half squad. He red cards (you have to make an extra request from the Battalion Morter Company Commander when you want to bring concentrations down on enemies that you're not sure about). So battery access is denied and the Spotting Round goes away. Fire mission canceled. In German Turn 2 Russian defensive fire he is again denied access. So now that battery is nearly useless. On more access denial and he loses the artillery support for the remainder of the day. That's a real gift for Germans trying to cross all that lousy terrain. All my dummy stack NCOs are awarded Iron Crosses for tempting that Russian Artillery down on nothing and getting P to red card the artillery.

Better still, P decides to close combat my dummy stack that has advanced into B-10. This is a great idea if they are real Germans because Russians are stealthy and those are SMG squads. He has a good chance of ambushing the concealed Germans (dummy stacks), killing them, and automatically and immediately falling back to stone building C-11 for a successful close combat after ambush. But B-10 has no real Germans. So he advances into the wooden rubble, eliminates the dummy stacks, and STAYS THERE. No close combat, no ambush, no retreat-after-close combat. They're easy meat for German Player Turn 2.

German Turn 2.
Stukas requested but don't arrive.

A PzIII enters A9 in bypass move around a wooden building, enters A-10 and farts out (by dint of good dice) a cloud of smoke. Rolls on ti B-11 wooden building in Bypass Move and remains In Motion. This is called "vehicular bypass movement freeze sleaze" by ASL grogs. Tanks really catch the eye of enemy infantry, so if you can get a tank at the same level in their hex, even if it's a POS PzIIIL moving fast, they don't get to shoot at other targets that are farther away yet more dangerous. So the Russians go crazy lobbing molotov cocktails.They miss. Hard to hit a small moving tank in any effective way with a pickle jar full of flaming fuel. Two more Russian squads start hurling mols from B-10 wooden rubble and they miss. I like that. They've "fired." A Sturm half squad with a DC enters the smoked hex A-10, and places a demo charge on their heads in B-10. He shoots again to no effect. In the Advancing fire phase, the DC breaks one squad and battle hardens the other. But by the end of my Advancing Fire phase, other stacks of Sturms (who have moved confidently onto the board because the Russian OBA fire mission was cancelled) blow away the remaining Russians in the stack save for a broken, casualty reduced, ELR conscript half-squad. The half squad dies for failure to route while "No Quarter" is in effect. And I secure the now empty stone building.

That gives me 4 casualty victory points (which are useful between days for turning 1st line squads into elite squads), one objective stone building, and leaves the Russian leader and squad lurking in C-13 vulnerable to destruction unless P decides to run away before I can trap them. In that event, I may be able to capture the B-12 stone building intact or at least secure it (for victory building locations) BEFORE it burns down. If I can put out the kindling fires before they blaze, I can get the whole building as an observation post.

What else. Oh yes, I correct my offboard mortar fire mission to F-9, where it has lots of concealed and cloaked Russians. But my Battalion Mortar Company Commander has no problem with shooting at Russians that might not be real. The hammer comes down and eliminates dummy stacks in F8 (a stone building), strips concealment in F9 and G10, and eliminates a dummy cloaking counter in F-10. So now I know where there's a hole in his outbuilding defensive line on Tramvanaya Street.

Ima make that hole wider in Turn 3.

Game play suspended for the day after German Turn 2. Game to resume next Friday with Russian Turn 2. Pix next Saturday.

Author:  mdiehl [ Sat Aug 20, 2016 1:33 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Advanced Squad Leader

U all can view a digital version of the ASL Red Barricades map here:

Ignore his perimeter markers. They don't apply to my game. Perimiters will be shown after Oct 17 CG day ends.

Author:  mdiehl [ Sat Aug 27, 2016 3:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Advanced Squad Leader

I apologize for the poor quality of the image. Plain fact is that the maps are huge and the available images internet wise are mediocre, and I don't have a digital cam worth its weight in peanuts.

Anyhow. Orientation.

Below is an annotated map. I added the first few row letters and column numbers. Hexes are reference by row and column. A1 to A45 (north to south, west edge of map) and JJ1-JJ45 (the east edge of the map). Various historical locations (but not all) of the Barrikady gun factory complex have been added as well. Tranvanaya Street is basically row D and runs north to south almost all the way the map. The huge rectangular buildings with white squares are large assembly halls. They are two stories high but do not have an internal first floor. The large white squares are roof access stairs. Smaller multi-hex buildings with stairs, such as the power plant, are two levels high and have both a first and second level above the ground floor. Multiple hex buildings without large white squares have a ground level and first level. The one hex building with the large round dot at I6 has a ground level and 1st level. All one hex buildings are ground level only. Multihex buildings have basements. If you open this tif and see little black circles on some hexes, those are sewer access. The Russians can use those, the Germans can but usually get lost inside them.

So here's the map. As a courtesy it's not embedded but you can open by clicking. The file limite for the drive thru is 2mb, so it's zip compressed. You can double click on it to download and open it with windows photo viewer.

RB_Map_no counters_annotated TIFF compressed .tif
RB_Map_no counters_annotated TIFF compressed .tif [ 1.63 MiB | Viewed 3731 times ]

Author:  mdiehl [ Sat Aug 27, 2016 7:49 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Advanced Squad Leader

17 Oct end of turn 1_5 tramv street near A11-H11.jpeg
17 Oct end of turn 1_5 tramv street near A11-H11.jpeg [ 309.5 KiB | Viewed 3725 times ]

The situation at the end of German turn 2, prior to Russian turn 2, on Tramvanaya St near the western edge of the factory complex. State of forces at the end of the previous narrative. The artillery is German 80mm battalion mortar with offboard observer.

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