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Re: Steam

#31 Post by NefariousKoel » Thu Mar 11, 2010 3:06 am

EUBanana wrote:
AngryOldMan wrote: DRM could be the death of mainstream PC gaming...
PC gaming is almost dead anyway..
I've been hearing this DOOM nonsense for at least a decade. :roll:

Here's an article:

Despite fears about the languishing PC game industry, revenue seems to have grown a bit in 2009. According to PC Gaming Alliance's Horizons Report, revenue hit $13.1 billion in 2009, versus $11 billion in 2008.

Don't expect that growth to translate to increased shelf space for PC games, however. The report notes that digital distribution sales are way up, as are the sales of virtual items. "In 2009 we saw North America and Europe experience a rapid uptake in purchasing virtual items," PCGA president Randy Stude said. "This model is what drove growth in Asia and we think it is just starting to come to Western markets."

As expected, given the rise in digital distribution, packaged game sales have dropped for a second year, now accounting for just 20 percent of PC game revenue. It appears that PC games are going to go all digital unless we start seeing some really awesome cloth maps. ... es-shrank/

That, my friend, is a nice chunk of sales increase in PC games. People buy the stuff straight from the internet. Which isn't surprising because almost everyone with a PC has internet access.

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Re: Steam

#32 Post by EUBanana » Thu Mar 11, 2010 10:25 am

NefariousKoel wrote:That, my friend, is a nice chunk of sales increase in PC games. People buy the stuff straight from the internet. Which isn't surprising because almost everyone with a PC has internet access.
Right, which is what I do.

As long as there are PCs there will be games for PCs, so it'll never die out completely. So long as you or I want to play games on the PC someone will provide.

But it is undeniable that almost all mainstream PC games these days are console ports. Personally I think console ports almost invariably suck, as well. Whenever a game has been consolised the result has been bad, far as I'm concerned. Different demographic I guess, less hardcore. If you define 'dead' as 'reliant on porting console games, with almost no specifically PC game development anymore' then near as dammit it's already dead. The influence of console games is everywhere in the PC game market now, and for the worse.

There are exceptions - wargames, simulations and such, which still seem pretty well supported, and MMOs which still seem to be almost exclusively PC.
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Re: Steam

#33 Post by Chicken_Salad » Thu Mar 11, 2010 10:47 am

PC gaming will never die. I own a box360. There are some game types I want to play on the console (gta4) and other types I only want to play on a PC (strategic command). I'm sure a lot of ppl are like that.
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Re: Steam

#34 Post by nelmsm » Thu Mar 11, 2010 12:18 pm

CCB wrote:
nelmsm wrote:HPS Simulations, amongst my favorite publishers, is moving to take away even the CD check on their games.
Yeah, I've noticed this on the latest patches for the Squad Battles games. Have they applied it to the Panzer Campaigns as well?
They are supposed to be applying it as they patch them up. Not sure if they added any new features with Sea Lion but if they did there should be a new run of patches.
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Re: Steam

#35 Post by chijohnaok » Thu Feb 13, 2020 1:47 am

So, I received a notification of a YT video that Vee did related to people potentially trying to scam your Steam account.

What he describes in the video has NOT happened to me.

But here is the video nonetheless.

How scammers on Steam can steal your account

I suppose that its best to be forewarned about these things.
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