Dark (Netflix, German, overdubbed)

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Dark (Netflix, German, overdubbed)

#1 Post by mdiehl » Fri Sep 06, 2019 10:37 am

Not recommended. Zero out of whatever on any scale.

A small community is plagued by a series of child abductions/murders that occur every 33 years. Its a time travel-paradox plot of the most simplistic and pedantic kind. The cast involves roughly five main charaters and an equal number of children, all of whom are narcissistic and unlikeable. The title I guess comes from the fact that it is always raining in wherever.. or maybe they shot the entire film in a day. The dialogue is tedious and the editing rivals an Ed Wood film.

I wanted to find something to like so I watched five episodes. Kept thinking that the plot had to eventually move forward, but its stuck like a soccer mom with a wheel in a ditch. The whole kids + adults + mystery thing failed in this attempt.
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Re: Dark (Netflix, German, overdubbed)

#2 Post by NefariousKoel » Wed Oct 02, 2019 9:56 pm

I've had a couple people recommend this to me, but it just keeps dragging on with nothing happening.

I made it to around episode six and I'm still waiting while repeatedly sighing at the overdone attempts at interpersonal melodrama and plot that barely moves.

It's been a waste of time thus far. Don't think I can continue after multiple attempts. It's had more than enough tries from me since I usually only give a new series 2 to 3 episodes at most before deciding.

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Re: Dark (Netflix, German, overdubbed)

#3 Post by nero » Sat Oct 05, 2019 4:56 am

My comment is not about Dark, that I have not seen, but about (over)dubbing. I think the practice of dubbing barbaric.

Once I watched Das Boot for a while accidentally with English dubbing, And sound so faul. Another experience was Czech Republic, in Tabor the fortress of the Hussites. There was the Band of Brothers on the TV and I amazed how Guarnere, the Gonorrhea was sweraing in Czech language. :lol:

Luckily Finland has been so poor country that dubbing is out of question, so let there be subtitles. And actually it serves two purposes, first you have to read fast and the second is that it is a tool to learn foreign languages. Though not so helpful when watching a Japanese movie with French subtitles. But was alone then, so I concentrated with the essentials. ;)

As for Germany, I recommend Babylon Berlin.

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