Battle of Midway from the Japanese perspective

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Re: Battle of Midway from the Japanese perspective

#11 Post by chijohnaok » Fri Jul 05, 2019 11:28 pm

Anthropoid wrote:Hmm . . . fingers crossed (on both hands) but honestly neither one looks very promising. Too much use of action sequence and pretty leads to actually convey the subtle bases for triumph in that battle.
That could be the case.

I hold a bit more hope for Dauntless.

If you look at the “About” page on their YT page it states:
Bayou Pictures is an independent production company that focuses on the stories of WWII. Despite having a small fraction of the typical Hollywood budget, we pride ourselves in thoroughly researching and highlighting the real experiences of those who served. Our members are avid students of history and have spent years interviewing and developing friendships with veterans. Our goal is to make feature films that will do justice to the heroism of our service members; to remain as true to their stories as possible, while creating an experience that entertains and excites the imagination of a wider audience.
I have no idea if they have done any prior films, and if so, how closely they stuck to the history.

Only time will tell how both the films will turn out.
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Re: Battle of Midway from the Japanese perspective

#12 Post by C_S » Sat Jul 06, 2019 12:09 am

It's all hindsight I guess. German logistic staff (G4?) told the German army they'd make it about 500 miles into Russia before the army wouldn't be able to maintain a fast paced constant pressure anymore. They warned that the entire army would have to go into a stop/wait/start/stop/wait/start mode of battle waiting for the logistic stream. B/c everything had been calculated and supply to keep constantly moving would be impossible to deliver at that schedule. These guys were ignored.. And their calculations proved correct.
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