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 Post subject: Nationalism is back, thank God.
PostPosted: Fri Aug 24, 2018 10:28 pm 
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Nationalism is back: Yoram Hazony's important new book
By David P. Goldman August 15, 2018
chat 48 comments
U.S. President Donald Trump, left, meets with Poland's President Andrzej Duda after arriving at the Royal Castle, Thursday, July 6, 2017, in Warsaw. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

I review my friend Yoram Hazony's book The Virtue of Nationalism (Basic Books, 2018) today at Tablet Magazine. The Old Nationalism too frequently was a parody of the original nationalism, namely the nationalism of the Jewish kingdom, the first real nation. Sometimes the parody was Satanic. The New Nationalism looks to the revived State of Israel as a paragon and exemplar. It opens the possibility of restoring a sense of the sacred to politics. Below is an extract from the review. Read the whole essay here. I take issue with some part of Yoram's presentation, but he has made an important contribution to a critical discussion.

Nationalism got a bad name after the First World War, and a worse one after the Second. Yoram Hazony now offers a defense of the concept consistent with the nationalist revival that began with Brexit and the election of Donald Trump, and the time is ripe for his book, The Virtue of Nationalism. After the fall of Communism, the conventional wisdom held that the liberal model would triumph around the world. The War on Terror presumed that nation-building through representative democracy would transform the unruly tribal states of the Muslim world into modern nations. The catastrophic failure of the liberal program opens the way for a new kind of political thinking, and Hazony offers a timely contribution to the debate.

Liberal political theory begins and ends with the enlightened self-interest of individuals, but that has poor explanatory power, as Hazony observes:

Many political theories assume that political events are motivated by the individual’s concern for his own life and property. … But human individuals are also capable of regarding the aims and interest of a collective or institution of which they are members as their own, and of acting upon these aims and interests even where such action will be detrimental to their lives and property.
(Continued) ... -new-book/
Following WW2 everybody was for ending nationalism and the UN was a first step followed by the EU. I've always been a pro USA nationalist. Even the Korea War, a UN operation was a US operation for me.

Pork Chop Hill: When America and China Went to War in Korea
[The National Interest]
Warfare History Network
,The National Interest•September 30, 2017

Warfare History Network

History, Asia

The climactic struggle for control of Hill 255 in July 1953 pitted hordes of determined Chinese against gritty U.S. soldiers.

Pork Chop Hill: When America and China Went to War in Korea

The tennis-shoed soldiers emerged from the darkness on July 6, 1953, like a “moving carpet of yelling, howling men [with] whistles and bugles blowing, their officers screaming, driving their men” against the Americans as they swept up Hill 255, recalled Private Angelo Palermo.

The lead elements of the Chinese infantry were loaded down with grenades, but they carried no rifles or submachine guns in their assault on the nondescript hill made famous by the 1959 film Pork Chop Hill, which was based on military historian S.L.A. Marshall’s book. They were trained to pick up and expertly use weapons dropped by their enemy as they rushed relentlessly forward like a large wave to engulf and overpower everything before them. Palermo and his U.S. Army buddies in Company A were outnumbered four or five to one by the Chinese assaulting the Americans’ recently shored-up trenches.

The Chinese knew what they were doing and were determined to advance over the covered trenches separating the 1st and 2nd Platoons and make a beeline toward the company’s command post located just east and below Pork Chop’s highest point. Near that point they would enter the open trenches and cut the defenses in half just below the two high points on the hill.
(Continued) ... 00375.html
Pretty good rundown on the battle.

Posted by Keld Denar
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 Post subject: Re: Nationalism is back, thank God.
PostPosted: Wed Aug 29, 2018 6:13 am 
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"It's a joint operation"

US forces
All of the ships, all of the logistics, thousands of tanks, hundreds of thousands of troops.

Individual nations "contribute" a ski jet that has to be fueled by Americans, brought to theater by Americans and a team of 30 bird watchers to document the wildlife and to operate that ski jet deep in the rear. Americans have to assign a platoon to guard them from enemies, feed them and build their base for them.

But it's all worth it because it's now "UN operation, multilateral, diplomacy baby!"

Then Germany calls and says "uh, do you have more of those air to ground missiles? We forgot to bring ours, no, we never actually had any. By the way our planes need to have their engines replaced or we won't be able to fly but surely you guys can handle that? Oh and fuel. We need lots of it. And a runway and a base and a ground component to protect our base".

Screw you nero

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