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 Post subject: Re: Military stuff ... past and present.
PostPosted: Fri Jun 01, 2018 2:59 pm 
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Kameolontti wrote:
nero wrote:
And your ad hominems do not bother me at all, I take them as a sign of your loss of argument(s).

Kinda like when you run out of things to say, don't feel confident enough to challenge my sources and then sputter out the necessary "..nazi..." retort?

Niin metsä vastaa kun sinne huutaa, eikö?

There is nothing mystic about second hand legends being questionable at best. If you yourself knew any history then you understood the meaning of source criticism.

For instance that there may have been a major flood sometime in the past near Black Sea region does not mean that Noah Myth is suddenly reasonably accurate second hand description of historical events.

Same here. While some elements of hearsay that may or may not have at some point in some way been based on some historical event have been woven into a fantastical heroic epic it does not mean that the story in any way or form acts as a good source for historical information. We can look at what is said there but can we for instance take measurements for weapons from the source?

That's quite the tricky question because it's not the same thing to change weapons and their characteristics in a story as it is to add fantastic monsters. In other words, you could have a legend where they slay a minotaur but to add 'credibility' they could be referencing real weapons unless they wanted to exaggerate the hero by having him wield a 1,500kg sword.

Even then such assumptions as that a weapon described in a fantastical legend would be real are based on very weak evidence. The mere presence of fantastical things in a story does immediately reduce the worth of everything said in it. Even when the story is supposedly non-fantastical oratory history or even written accounts we always have the problem that people may exaggerate, misunderstand, have different measures, they may mishear things and so forth and not least a common thing in past sources was to for instance replace any past equipment with contemporary equipment for the author. For instance we have pictures of biblical stories where they wield 14th century French equipment.

You have this compelling need to see me as someone I am not and when I don't fit your image you dismiss any contrary evidence and keep calling me a nazi.

Hence I have adopted a hostility towards you, you condescending piece of shit. I'd rather eat a broken bottle of tabasco sauce than share a drink with a cunt like you.

I have now crafted a model out of metal wire that clearly demonstrates my loathing towards you in a way that it cannot be mistaken.

You are little more than a sad troll.

OK, you ask it.

I can not recall calling you explicitly a nazi. But you seem to pass the duck test handsomely. Then you declare that you are not a Finn(persu). Then you write about Finland soon having a political prisoner. Obviously the the jump-kick-killer Finnish resistant movement Jesse Torniainen. Also you are not pro-russia at all. Then as we can see you don't like the sewedes at all. And the nordic resistance is lead from sweden. Either it is that you are against the sossu sweden, social democratic sweden or you are a true finnish nationalist. That is geographically understandable, a neo-lapua or neo-ikl.

Is it





Ei Vaasan veri vapise eikä Kauhavan rauta ruostu.

Heil Hitler, meil Kosola, muil Mussolini.

Heil Trump, meil Allahaho, muil Le Pen.

PS. Half of my grand parents are from Ilmajoki. ;)

The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt

Mit der Dummheit kämpfen selbst Götter vergebens.

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 Post subject: Re: Military stuff ... past and present.
PostPosted: Tue Jun 19, 2018 8:24 pm 
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