South Africa

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Re: South Africa

#101 Post by chijohnaok » Sun Sep 22, 2019 10:57 am ... g-20091933

Pregnant mum hacked to death while sleeping next to husband and son on weekend break

Tragic Karen Turner, 31, was staying at a luxury lodge with her family when they were attacked by three armed men in the dead of night

ByAbigail O'Leary

A pregnant mum was hacked to death as she slept alongside her husband and toddler son on a weekend birthday trip.

Tragic Karen Turner, 31, was staying at a luxury lodge at a South African holiday resort with her family when they were attacked at about 3am.

Two men armed with knives had broken into their self-contained lodge overlooking the beach at the Hluleka Nature Reserve.

Tragically, Karen and her unborn child died from knife injuries.

Her husband Matthew, who was stabbed several times, managed to bravely fight back while their 23-month-old son also survived.

The vicious attack comes just days before Prince Harry is due to fly into South Africa with his wife Meghan and son Archie.

They are taking their baby son on a tour to visit Harry’s “favourite place in the world” but where crime is spiralling out of control with over 21,000 murders and 45,000 rapes carried out last year.
Article, news video and photos continued at above link

No valuables were taken so this sounds less like a robbery and more as intended brutal murder.
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Re: South Africa

#102 Post by Anthropoid » Wed Nov 13, 2019 10:35 pm

This video is five years old now. Probably six since the footage was collected. I reckon all the White Nationalists involved (and their conservation research and efforts) have been purged by the pro-African Commie regime by now . . .

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