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 Post subject: Re: The GOP ‘Is a Dead Party’– Morally Corrupt, Weak, Ineffe
PostPosted: Wed Dec 06, 2017 9:41 am 
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Anthropoid wrote:
As long as you are "Swiss." If you are not Swiss, else rich and palatable (from a cultural/political/ethnic standpoint): fuck off.

I know their Romansh and other "ethnic minorities" who do a lot of the menial jobs are effectively second class citizens. Not sure if there is a pecking order among Italo versus Germanic Swiss or not, or if they are equal footing.

An admirable country but one which exemplifies certain rigid caste-system ethos and lack of social mobility about which I don't think many Americans would approve.

That's because the Swiss like it that way. Plebs are generally not very liberal/cosmopolitan/globalist when compared to the ruling class, I'd expect a more democratic system to be less liberal almost axiomatically.

For example, ... ruary_2014

But the key thing is - at the end of the day, this is what they, the bulk of the Swiss population, want. And in defiance of the ruling classes sometimes. That doesn't mean to say Americans will want the same thing, but the point is, the proles have got a lot more power in Switzerland and have greater ability to override those in charge.

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 Post subject: Re: The GOP ‘Is a Dead Party’– Morally Corrupt, Weak, Ineffe
PostPosted: Wed Dec 06, 2017 12:55 pm 
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Interesting. I see by that page that (on a per capita basis) Switzerland actually has 4 times to 8 times as much as the U.S. and EU respectively; I would not have expected that, it does not reflect the simple notions I had developed years ago. But times of course change, and it does make sense that, Switzerland being a very advanced business and technological country would NEED lots of immigration (as the wiki points out) in order to remain "competitive."

Immigration is hardly a "bad" thing. When you have late 20s intact nuclear families with both parents having good college educations and decent job prospects (and whose cultural/ethical/linguistic natures are not at odds with the destination country) immigration is a no brainer: YES! send us your trained technicians, engineers, scientists, business leaders, and even skilled craftsmen and industrial workers! YES! by all means!

You can keep your refugees who (a) probably have minimal education or skills; (b) may be suffering various health problems, including PTSD or war wounds; (c) might well be a lying jihadist imposter; (d) unconsciously embodies cultural/ethical and/or linguistic values that are actually abnormal, unacceptable, unethical, if not illegal in the destination country; (e) probably represents a "anchor" migrant who will play the system both for social welfare and importing more "useless" relatives/terrorist colleagues.

It sounds harsh, but what the fuck! We don't expect the Democratic National Convention, or Southern Poverty Law Center, or Academia to be inviting in droves of alt-right, neo-Nazi types!? They would outraged at such a suggestion!

The sentiment of helping refugees is superficially meritorious, but if it cannot withstand the pragmatic sniff test, then quite frankly the sympathy is not going to help anyone.

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