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 Post subject: Re: O Canada
PostPosted: Sat Aug 11, 2018 5:46 pm 
Sergeant Major

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Well, we had Amos and Andy ... and Nemo has Amos and Nemo !!! :D

900 f'ing Armored Cars !!! Hoo Lee Shyah TooLah !!!

That's enough Armored Cars for WWIII !!!

Go trumpf Go !!!
(will the resident return to being the President?)
(will the rainbow shack return to being the White House?)

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 Post subject: Re: O Canada
PostPosted: Sat Aug 11, 2018 10:37 pm 
Sergeant Major
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My understanding on those armored fighting vehicles is that the deal was struck several years back under Harpers term but had not been delivered when Trudeau took office. He could have cancelled the sales but didn't.

What does that say? That he is willing to sell arms to a nation which he and cabinet describe as reckless, impulsive and a human rights abuser.

There is little doubt that KSA is a loathsome society mostly deserving of total destruction and dismantling. If every man, woman, child and camel in the entire Arabian peninsula were vaporized it would likely be a net benefit to humanity in that, the societies in which the largest caches of wealth and power and which also fund global jihad supremacism would be eradicated.

Obviously that will not be happening any time soon . . . but I digress. TrueDope and I are in agreement that KSA is loathsome, but I'm not sure we agree on how best to change things. Threat of destruction else actual destruction strike me as the only options which are likely to be actually effective and the standard Canadian "soft power" approach has very little if any empirical basis to show that it has any desirable effects in this regard.

Well since we cannot destroy them, I guess we might as well "use" them for what they are worth, and here is where Nero's perspective might be edified if he had the sense to listen to people who were not as closed minded as himself. As the saying goes: keep your friends close, and your enemies closer, and while it may not always have been the case with each and every U.S. administration, I do believe it is the case with Trump. Trump makes no bones about his aggressive opposition to both Russian expansionism and Islamic violence; yet he can be seen to APPARENTLY making nice with the scions of these very same villainous tribes. He cajoles Europe not to become even more reliant on Russian the Russian petro-teet, and to beef up their defenses against a possible Russian threat, perspectives which an enemy would likely never bother to express or even maintain; yet when it comes to playing nice and continuing with the status quo of U.S. gratuitousness in trade he is hard nosed. In sum, he is a smooth operator, not a smooth talker, but a smooth PLAYER and dolts like Nero are exactly the sort who Trumps presentation of self are meant to mislead and confuse. Well, these are the theories I've developed in any case :mrgreen:

I have little doubt that this Canadian KSA spat will blow over with virtually zero real implications, and that the U.S. annexation of Canada is still many years in the future.

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 Post subject: Re: O Canada
PostPosted: Tue Aug 21, 2018 7:14 pm 
buck private
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Shades of Tommy
Woman Heckles Trudeau; RCMP Tries to Arrest Her
Posted on August 21, 2018 by Baron Bodissey

During a talk at a recent rally in Quebec, Prime Minister Justin “Baby Doc” Trudeau was interrupted by a woman who repeatedly demanded answers to questions about reimbursement for the cost of illegal immigrants. She was loud enough to get Mr. Trudeau’s attention and divert him from his prepared remarks.

The first half of the following video shows the interruptions by the impertinent woman, with English subtitles. The second half (untranslated) shows her being approached by an undercover cop for the RCMP, who takes hold of her by the arm and tells her that she will have to come with him. She resists, and eventually manages to get her arm loose. She’s a very spirited woman, and upbraids the cop vigorously for bruising her arm.

Apparently he tells her that she was threatening the prime minister, which she derisively denies. When asked for her ID, she says she’s doesn’t have any with her, and no, she’s not going to tell him her name.

If more Westerners were like this woman, it would be a lot harder for our mendacious leaders to foist off millions of third-world immigrants on us and still get re-elected.

For a version of the second half with a close-captioned translation, see this YouTube video.

Many thanks to the anonymous translator, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video link

Video transcript:

Continue reading → ... more-46507

“Political Language… is Designed to Make Lies Sound Truthful… and to Give an Appearance of Solidity to Pure Wind.” — George Orwell

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