Churchill, Hitler, and Islam plus other Pipes posts
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Author:  chijohnaok [ Sun May 13, 2018 7:00 pm ]
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abradley wrote:
"Regime Change in Iran Is Inevitable"
An Interview

Global Review (Germany)
May 13, 2018 ... inevitable
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Pipes' views on everything Islamic.

From the article:

Global Review: What about regime change in Iran?

Daniel Pipes: It is inevitable, I just do not know when. As in Tunisia, a single spark – perhaps a petty government aggression or a bakery without bread – could set it off. For this counter-revolution to succeed, however, a leadership with ideas must emerge.

I believe that our leaders and decision makers (President/VP, other members of the Executive Branch, Congress, military, etc) should not be talking (at least publicly) about "regime change". The term has acquired negative connotations, and as we have seen in places like Libya, regime change can and often does fail with horrible consequences.

Our leaders should be able to indicate which countries that we will have diplomatic relations with, and with whom we will conduct business. That country's citizens can then draw their own conclusions and decide how they should react (vote that regime out of office if it has a democratic system of government, or revolution if it does not). If the people like their dictatorship, then they should be able to keep it. ;-)
It should be the decision of a country's population who shall lead.

Author:  jack t ripper [ Sun May 13, 2018 11:08 pm ]
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That is quite a good point. Don't announce "regime change" because it often takes a while and then we look inept and powerless.

Simply leave Iran and the PRK (and others) off the list of "Nations Respective of International Norms" or some such verbiage....and then let the CIA and locals solve it. ;)

Author:  abradley [ Tue May 15, 2018 2:37 pm ]
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Enjoy the Jerusalem Embassy – But Don't Get Giddy

by Daniel Pipes
May 15, 2018
Cross-posted from National Review Online ... -get-giddy
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Yesterday's opening of the U.S. embassy in Jerusalem marks a peak emotional moment for anyone wanting a secure and prosperous Israel; in that spirit, Donald Trump has been hailed as "the best thing that has happened to Israel in a long time."

Author:  abradley [ Fri May 18, 2018 5:47 pm ]
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Trump Nixed the Iran Deal: What Next?

L'Informale (Italy)
May 14, 2018 ... -what-next
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Interviewed by Niram Ferretti.

L'Informale's English title: "New challenges in the Middle East: Interview with Daniel Pipes."

Italian original: "Nuove sfide in Medioriente: Intervista con Daniel Pipes."

Question: As a critic of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) with Iran, nuclear agreement, what is your evaluation of Donald Trump's nixing it?


Author:  abradley [ Wed Jun 06, 2018 6:42 pm ]
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Interview: Islamism's War on the West

Savvy Street
June 5, 2018

Daniel Pipes (DP) kindly offered The Savvy Street, represented by Vinay Kolhatkar (VK), an engaging Q&A which contains some of his key insights into the phenomenon of Islamism.

Daniel Pipes.
VK: Does Islam's canon foment terrorism?

DP: I've stopped using the word terrorism, finding it meaningless because no two people agree on its definition. So, let me re-ask your question: Does Islam's canon foment jihadi violence? Yes. Islam is premised on (1) the superiority of Islam, (2) the need to spread its message, and (3) the legitimacy of force to do so. These fundamentals of faith have been apparent from Muhammad's time to the present, though not everywhere and not at all times.

VK: Is a gay-friendly, women-friendly, Islam possible?

DP: Of course. Every faith evolves. Centuries ago, who could have imagined homosexual and female Christian bishops? Looking at Islam's present tells us little about its future.

VK: How big is the intrusion of Islamism into the U.N.? What are the consequences of such intrusion?

Antonio Guterres blames "Islamophobia" for jihadi violence.
DP: The Organization of Islamic Cooperation has 56 member-states (plus "Palestine"), 47 of which have a majority Muslim population. This is roughly a quarter of the United Nations membership and in the amoral game of give-and-take that lies behind most votes, that bloc can get nearly the entire 193 governments to back it or at least abstain on issues it cares about. Take the vote against moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem: 9 in favor, 128 against, 35 abstentions, and 21 not present. It also permits the forwarding of Islamist initiatives, such as U.N. General Assembly Resolution 16/18 adopted to prevent criticism of Muslims or Islam. This influence led to Secretary-General Antonio Guterres amazingly stating that "One of the things that fuel terrorism is the expression in some parts of the world of Islamophobic feelings and Islamophobic policies and Islamophobic hate speeches."

VK: How significant is the risk of Sharia law intrusions into Western legal systems?

DP: This process has already begun. For instance, polygamy has made rapid progress as a legitimate life-style option. While laws banning female genital mutilation are on the books, famed lawyer Alan Dershowitz has offered his services for a doctor to be tried for conducting FGM surgeries. Fashion houses have taken up hijabs and even jilbabs. Mosques manage to ban alcohol within a wide perimeter. First-cousin marriages proliferate, with attendant genetic problems. Interest-free banks grow.

VK: Do Islamists fund major political parties in the West? What is the impact of such actions?

DP: My organization, the Middle East Forum, has focused on precisely that question in the United States in its Islamist Money in Politics Project. The thousands of entries here, dating back to 1979, reveal many patterns. For example, 90 percent of Islamist donations go to Democratic candidates. Obviously, the goal of these donations is to make Islamism acceptable. The liberal-left being more sympathetic to this goal, it receives the bulk of the donations. And it's worked. Rare are the liberal-left voices anymore that stand up to Islamism.

VK: How can the West best deal with the threat of jihadi violence?

DP: By addressing the core ideas behind the resort to violence, such as: living by a medieval code, the superiority of Islam and Muslims to other faiths and believers, the validity of force and coercion to spread the faith, and the notion of God giving specific orders.

VK: What's the best way for the West to avoid seeping Islamization: open debate on Islam's canon calling for reform, exposing Islamist political donations, encouraging apostasy within Islam, immigration policies designed to uncover Islamists, or all these and more?

DP: I'd stay away from encouraging Muslims to leave Islam, but the other ideas are all good. However, there's a more fundamental priority, which is to convince the liberal-left that Islamism presents a threat. So long as this huge segment of Western populations largely remains blind to the Islamist threat, the measures you propose have limited utility.

VK: Is there something intrinsic to Islam that the Western mainstream media wishes to hide?

DP: Yes. The mainstream media, and the Establishment in general (what I call the 6Ps - police, politicians, press, priests, professors and prosecutors) pretend that the Sharia, a medieval law code that calls on Muslims to engage in actions deeply at odds with modern ways, does not exist. This leads them to the inane conclusion that living according to the Sharia is in opposition to Islam. The most spectacular instance of this is the absurd debate on the question whether jihad is Islamic, akin to asking whether the pope is Catholic. And in that discussion, the most extravagant statement was by former Vermont governor Howard Dean, who said of the Charlie Hebdo attackers, "They're about as Muslim as I am."

Tommy Robinson in Dec. 2017.
VK: Are you familiar with the case of Tommy Robinson (U.K.)? Do you have a view on it?

DP: I spent much of a day with Tommy in December 2017 as he took me around his hometown of Luton. He is knowledgeable, draws a distinction between Islam and Islamism, and is a leader. Toffs should get over their class bias against him and the authorities must treat him fairly. I hope the outrageous treatment he suffered on May 25 – being arrested, denied a lawyer, tried, sentenced, and dispatched to prison, all within a few hours – serves as a wake-up call to the British public.

VK: What should be the U.S. policy toward Saudi Arabia?

DP: Had you asked me this before 2015, I would have answered, keep a distance, bargain hard, root out the evil influence. Since the coming to power of King Salman and his all-powerful son Muhammad, however, I answer differently: Focus on helping Muhammad's radical reforms succeed.

VK: What's your view on the Iran nuclear deal?

DP: A scandalous attempt by the six participating governments to defer the problem of Iranian nuclear weapons for about a decade – to when current office holders will presumably no longer be in charge. It is an obnoxious farce.

VK: Did President Assad gas his own citizens or was that brought about by Islamic militant groups to foster an ousting of Assad?

DP: The Syrian regime has more than once gassed its subject population, full stop. More generally, however repugnant the Islamist groups, the regime has carried out the great majority of killings in Syria, both before and after the civil war began in 2011. It is a monstrosity.

VK: Thank you for your time, and for speaking truth to power. We wish you the best in your endeavors.

Related Topics: Radical Islam
My bold and underline.

Author:  abradley [ Wed Jun 20, 2018 7:37 pm ]
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The End of Carbon Fuels?
A Symposium of Views

by Daniel Pipes
International Economy (pdf)
Spring 2018 ... rbon-fuels
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The above linked PDF has the complete article plus comments from 15 gents. I agree with
Not so fast, Mr. Seba!

But I would.

Author:  abradley [ Wed Jun 27, 2018 8:23 pm ]
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Western Taxpayers Support “Islamic Relief” Despite Its Ties to Jihad

News from the Middle East Forum
June 20, 2018 ... mic-relief

PHILADELPHIA – June 20, 2018 – A new Middle East Forum report reveals that Islamic Relief, a “charity” supported by European and American governments, finances Hamas front organizations.

MEF calls for an immediate cessation of all taxpayer funding to Islamic Relief and a detailed inquiry into its activities.

Author:  abradley [ Wed Jul 04, 2018 6:40 am ]
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Israel Victory Gains Strength

by Daniel Pipes
Israel Hayom
July 3, 2018 ... s-strength
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TEL AVIV - What do Israelis think of the idea of Israel winning and the Palestinians losing?

Author:  abradley [ Thu Aug 02, 2018 8:02 pm ]
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Who Are Europe's Most Important Politicians?

by Daniel Pipes
Washington Times
August 2, 2018 ... oliticians
Interesting and Angela Merkel ain't on the list.

Author:  abradley [ Thu Sep 20, 2018 5:26 am ]
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German and Austrian Media Outrage Me

by Daniel Pipes
Washington Times
September 19, 2018 ... outrage-me
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Europe's mainstream media has reached a point of distorted frenzy about what it calls the "far-right" and "neo-Nazis." I know. I have just experienced this first hand. Allow me, please, to tell my tale.

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