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 Post subject: Re: Welcome to Sweden
PostPosted: Thu Apr 20, 2017 12:38 pm 
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EUBanana wrote:

She was pretty hot actually. Blonde. I thought I was sharing halls wih Young Ann Coulter or something, she kinda looked like that. And sounded like that.

But whoever the hell she is or looks like, I'm not doing everybodys' washing up on Thursday night just because she assigned me to that chore on that day. I didn't do washing up at uni, my own or other peoples. Paper plates all the way, work smarter not harder. It was a halls not a barracks.

She was kinda surprised when I flat out refused. I guess not many people in her life told her to take a hike.

You wouldn't like Finland. It's all about squaring everyone to same level, all the way. Work harder, no one gives a shit about smart.

Just the other day a nice foreign person with a lot of experience from Finland gave a spot on analysis of the mentality here.

"You guys are human robots. No emotion, just slavishly going on and on about your rules"

Rules, lots and lots of rules for everything and make sure that under no circumstances no one for any reason ever deviates from them.

"A kid once brought candy to kindergarten 25 years ago and we've ever since banned anything and everything with sugar in it"
-"So no candy during birthdays?
"Not if it has sugar."
-"Say, are those chocolate cookies?"
"Why, yes they are, why?"
-"No reason"

People have literally died in Finland at the doors of health centers with a nurse looking through the glass at the dying person while thinking that while in this particular case the rules may be an annoyance to the dying person our society would descend to total chaos if she actually saved that person's life.

Hence why you cannot spend more than a couple of weeks at your summer cabin. It goes against some kind of draconian rule or law to "live" at your summer cabin. Meaning you spend too much time at a cabin you own your neighbor will call the authorities and it's going to be a big deal.

What the fuck is holding Finland together?
I don't know, we all hate Russians more than each other?

We all also took oaths to defend this country against invaders and now we have more invaders living here on our taxes than ever before.

But I suppose having to make cuts to university education and police coverage are worth having more Muslim men.

All scientists across the world work for US Democratic Party

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 Post subject: Re: Welcome to Sweden
PostPosted: Fri Apr 28, 2017 10:10 am 

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One more person dead as a result of the Drottninggatan terrorist attack - Marie Kide, a teacher and Environment Party (Greens) politician dies in hospital following the attack.

(mp) - the Environment Party is a left leaning, pacifist, "green stupid", party with falling voter sympathy after their poor performance as part of the sitting Social Democrat government. One top Green politician refered to the 2001 terrorist attacks as the "elfte september olyckorna", which in English would translate to "the September 11th misfortunes" or possibly "the September 11th accidents".

....(mp) politician killed in "Drottninggatan Truck Misfortune" I guess.

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 Post subject: Re: Welcome to Sweden
PostPosted: Fri Apr 28, 2017 10:52 am 
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The sheep met the wolf.


"The British have always fought, to be sure. No nation on Earth can be taken seriously in historical circles unless it has had at least one war with the British; it's like not having an American Express card."

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