Far Left Anti-oil Kooks Derailing Trains in Canada

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Far Left Anti-oil Kooks Derailing Trains in Canada

#1 Post by jack t ripper » Sat Feb 22, 2020 7:35 am

https://www.breitbart.com/europe/2020/0 ... equipment/

This is actual eco-terrorism...just that nobody has been killed yet. Greta loves the guys
Canadian Minister Confirms Far-Left Extremists Sabotaging Railway Safety Equipment

Canadian transport minister Marc Garneau, a member of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government, has admitted far-left protesters aligned with a counter-pipeline group have been actively sabotaging railway infrastructure.

Minister Garneau appeared on public broadcaster CBC on Monday to discuss the ongoing crisis which has crippled the Canadian rail system in large parts of the country and confirmed that aspects of the rail system were being tampered with.

“There have also been instances of tampering on the railways… One that concerns me is disabling the signalling that occurs at a road crossing… We accept peaceful protests and demonstrations in this country that are peaceful and lawful, but it is concerning if people aren’t respecting the fact that they injure themselves and other people,” he said.

Garneau also put out a press release warning those who would look to sabotage the rail lines saying: “Finally, I also want to remind Canadians that tampering with rail lines, rail cars or signalling systems is illegal and extremely dangerous. In addition to putting yourself at risk, you are endangering railway workers and train passengers, as well [the] communities around them.”

Leftist Pipeline Protests Shuts Down Canadian Rail Networks
Two Canadian rail networks are suspending trains as protestors continue blockades against a natural gas pipeline project.

The two statements largely confirm blog posts made by Antifa far-left extremists on the blog “Northshore Counter-Info” which have both called for and taken credit for several instances of railway sabotage in recent weeks, claiming to be in solidarity with the Wet’suwet’en First Nation.

The anti-pipeline blockades, which are said to be in support of the hereditary chiefs of the Wet’suwet’en, while the elected council support the pipeline, have crippled Canada’s rail network, with CN Rail cancelling all trains in the east of the country last week.

Via Rail, which cancelled nearly all passenger trains last week, said on Tuesday that they would resume select trains from Ottawa and Quebec City by February 20th.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, meanwhile, is under pressure to end the blockades but told the Canadian house of commons that the solution will “not be simple”.

Wexit: Separatism in Conservative West Canada Peaks After Trudeau Win
Support for the separatism of Canada's western provinces has set record highs in a poll following the election victory of Justin Trudeau.

7:22 AM - Nov 7, 2019

Trudeau also organised a meeting with opposition party leaders to discuss the crisis on Tuesday but declined to invite Conservative Party leader Andrew Scheer who had previously laid the blame for the crisis on far-left activists.

Scheer reacted to Trudeau’s statement on the crisis saying: “The prime minister’s statement was a complete abdication of responsibility and leadership.”

“The prime minister has emboldened and encouraged this kind of behaviour,” he added. The far-left climate activist protesters also saw a new ally emerge on Tuesday when climate-kid Greta Thunberg tweeted out her support for the protests saying: “Support the Wet’suwet’en Nation and the pipeline protests happening now in Canada!”
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Re: Far Left Anti-oil Kooks Derailing Trains in Canada

#2 Post by Anthropoid » Sat Feb 22, 2020 8:21 am

Kim Stanley Robinson's Mars trilogy. I forget if it was in book one or two . . . anyway, during the course of the three books humans are terraforming Mars and book one starts with the arrival of the first wave of explorers then colonists (I guess it stretches over a couple hundred years, cannot recall).

One of the "factions" which arises as things progress is a radical 'geologist' oriented faction which seeks to STOP the human infestation of the pristine (and deadly) Martian world :mrgreen: Basically once the first waves of people get there and manage to eek out survival and experience the stunning grandeur of all the vistas and start landscapes, they become a bit religious about it and feel that it would be morally wrong to tamper with it, terraform it, make it habitable . . . One of the things these fuckers do is to blow up one of the Space Elevators on Earth which is allowing for MUCH more rapid colonization and terraforming of Mars. Kill thousands and devastate a strip of land that extends for a couple hundred kilometers

At the time it rang true, but also totally fringe like, yeah . . . just BARELY believable.

As time goes on and I see how stupid such large fractions of humanity actually are, and how readily religious zeal gets channeled into the most unlikely modalities, I conclude that Robinson was more prophetic than I originally appreciated.

Good books btw! Red is a real page turner. Blue was okay but I really started to get bogged down and barely finished it. I couldn't bring myself to tackle Green. I think honestly he had enough for about 1.5 of what he covered in book one, but drug it out into three books.

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