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 Post subject: Dec 3, 2013 Battle AAR
PostPosted: Wed Dec 04, 2013 1:51 pm 
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Co-op versus the AI

Players..................2ndAcr, Cassady (Harry), JohnVw

This game began with my Corps located in the far NW area of the map while Harry's Corp began center map but near the south map edge. The south of this map is heavily hilly with great defensive ground. I began marching my guys south so as to close the distance. I ran ahead of my Corps (as per normal) to scout the area for Rebs and to find good ground in Harry's area. After a 20 min hard ride, I arrived in the south, there we located what I felt was the best looking defensive ground of any map or battle so far to date. This ridge or mtn range ran from center west map to the SE on a NW-SE heading. I had Harry deploy his Corps facing NE along the ridge line and extending to the east. John anchored his right flank. My guys began arriving after about 40 min and I began hooking into Harry's left and extending my line to the NW along the ridge facing NE except for 1 brigade and a artillery battery I faced more westerly to refuse my left flank.

Our ground was extremely strong.......the enemy would have to come down a sloping ridge under artillery fire from 4 divisions on line for over 1000 meters, cross a valley, then a creek bed before starting a climb up our ridge line. We found out that our ground was too strong as you will read further.

After 1 hour game time, we sighted the first Rebs to out north almost due north of Harry and John. At almost the 1 1/2 hour mark, it was fight on. Shortly after Harry and John engaged, I had a Reb div hit my refused left flank. I ran that way, arrived and had to yank Reynolds butt back, to the point of removing him from any troops at all. We butchered the first brigade of the Reb div. I began a mass re-deploy of my left div placing all 4 artillery batteries on the far left all the way to the south map edge and they began a hours long artillery barrage upon the Rebs. I also deployed 2 of 3 infantry brigades on my far left facing west with the artillery. My 3 brigade stayed watching north. The Reb div halted and deployed stretching from south map edge north, I counted 4 brigades of Rebs almost 1200 meters away. It was a artillery duel.

I then checked on Harry and John's fight, they had moved north off our defensive ground and entered the valley after the Reb force which turned out to be 2 Div strong. I shifted back in their direction to get some support going, I took a artillery battery and a infantry brigade from my 2nd Div and moved them closer to Harry's left flank. I then spread my remaining troops along our ridge. Towards battle end, I had 4 artillery batteries and 4 infantry brigades spread out covering what started as a 4 division battle line. I had no sooner arrived with my support than Harry and John had broken the back of the Rebs to their front. I left my support troops in position and headed back to my far left to reload all my artillery, this I had to do at least 6 times over the course of the battle. But the Reb div on my left had no desire to test my lines with a frontal attack again.

At around the 3 1/2 hour into battle mark, a 4th Reb div appeared on the far right and behind John's div. A massive redeployment on the right began with Harry and John turning to face and engage. That division also decided our ground was too strong and pulled back and deployed facing John and Harry. So ended the battle after 4 hours in a stalemate. As I was not eager to leave my perfect defensive ground and the AI decided we were just too strong in our position. This was the lowest casualty battle to date for a 4+ hour fight. We lost around 5400 and still had 30,000 troops in our OOB.............the Rebs lost less than 10,000 and still had 52,000 troops showing in their OOB.

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 Post subject: Re: Dec 3, 2013 Battle AAR
PostPosted: Wed Dec 04, 2013 2:14 pm 

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yep, that about sums it up!! (smile) tough battle in that you hate to give up great ground (only to have to re-take it again an hour + later), but sometimes you have to take a calculated risk; by entering the valley/crossing the stream and road we were able to rout the rebs and scatter them to the wind...the hard part was turning and racing back up the hills, only to see more of them trying to swing around you (now on high ground as well). after a hard fight to re-take the higher of the hills, we could deploy opp them hill-to-hill and halt their progress...had we continued a re-supply would have def been next, and then a "rest" for some pretty tired troops...

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