'You have become the Thought Police.' UK Police Chief questioned

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'You have become the Thought Police.' UK Police Chief questioned

#1 Post by MartinLuther » Sat Mar 21, 2020 11:59 pm


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Re: 'You have become the Thought Police.' UK Police Chief questioned

#2 Post by chijohnaok » Sun Mar 22, 2020 4:34 am

Slaak, as info, there is a rather extensive thread (110 pages long) in the main channel that deals with the subject of British police and the very topic (arbitrary hate/thought crimes and other abuses by British police) that your post raises.

Please see “ The Absolute State Of The UK Police”

http://www.maddogdrivethru.net/viewtopi ... =5&t=19750
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Re: 'You have become the Thought Police.' UK Police Chief questioned

#3 Post by Anthropoid » Sun Mar 22, 2020 9:39 am

I would have demanded the Chief offer a definition of "hate" which was absolutely complete and satisfactory right at that very moment and would always suffice in all circumstances for ever more. We can do that with "death," "rape," "burglary," "larceny," even more vague and inclusive things like "extortion," "fraud," and "evading arrest."

If we CANNOT do that with "hate," then it cannot be a fucking crime.

Nero? Wulfir? Anyone who believes in this "hate" as infraction nonsense? I'll actually read what you have to say IF you can offer a solid definition comparable to that for any of the standard crimes that are defined in almost any civilized societies legal codes.

My view of it is: HATE is not and cannot be a crime. I HATE Nazis. I HATE Communists. I HATE the prevailing fad of young people getting tatted up. I HATE the fact that Discord insisted on developing its own scripting markup language instead of simply reconfiguring html or BBcode. I HATE mosquitoes. I HATE the fact that the "mass media" can get away with extravagant malfeasance or down right corruption and never suffer the consequences, etc., etc.

None of this is criminal and much of it could not be subsumed under a common definition. I'd say it is impossible to define "hate" in such a way that it could actually be a legitimate all-inclusive socially-deconstructive act which may be criminal in nature. It is not the fucking role of Law Enforcement to explore philosophy, morals or even ethics: THAT is for society as a whole, and assuming a consensus about a needed change, legislatures to enact. Law Enforcement is about enforcing fucking LAWS.

If it is not actually possible to define "hate" as a breach of social order, much less a crime, then Law Enforcement have ZERO fucking role to play in it.

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